Forklift Repair

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Forklift Repair

Do you need a professional and dependable forklift company to perform forklift repair with competitive pricing? Forklift Hunter preforms repairs and many other forklift services, such as preventive maintenance, on all types of forklifts, including, Pneumatic forklifts, Cushion, and Electric, AND we provide service & repair on forklift parts. Call us today to make an appointment for all of your forklift service and repair needs.

Forklift PM Maintenance & Equipment Repair For One unit or For A Fleet

Our hourly rates average $20 to $25 dollars cheaper than most dealers (No trip fees, surcharge fee or hazmat fee).


Forklift Repair:

Forklift Hunter; LLC; provides budget friendly forklift repair, maintenance and equipment repair for forklifts; scissor lifts; personnel lifts; aerial lifts; and other warehouse and material handling equipment.

Forklift Engine Repair:

Providing service and repair for all engine types; LPG; diesel; electric; AND gasoline; are available.

Forklift Services – Brands; Makes; and Models

We offer forklift repair and service on all major brands of lifting equipment: Hyster, Yale, Toyota, Nissan, Caterpillar, Clark, Komatsu, Crown, Raymond, Doosan, Mitsubishi, and more. Forklift Hunter also services other aerial lift equipment, such as JLG and Genie.
Forklift Hunter also services and repairs all brands of sweepers and scrubbers, i.e. Tennant, Advance, PowerBoss, American Lincoln, Factory Cat, Noble, and Star.


Forklift Hunter strives to be the most cost-effective Parts, PM, and repair service provider; bringing you exceptional quality without excessive charges. Forklift Hunter offers both onsite (breakdown repair or PM Service) and in shop (major repairs) options for servicing.

Our hourly rates average $25 to $30 dollars cheaper than most dealers (No trip fees, surcharge fee or hazmat fee).


Forklift Repair Services:

  • brake master cylinder
  • break wheel cylinder
  • brake shoes
  • battery replacement
  • alternator
  • water pump
  • engine rebuild
  • head gasket
  • valve cover gasket
  • battery cables
  • preventative maintenance
  • oil change; radiator hoses
  • radiator cleaning
  • hydraulic hose replacement
  • engine main seals
  • mast bearings shim and replacement
  • 24 volt,36 volt, 48 volt industrial battery replacement
  • transmission adjustment and rebuild
  • tires
  • wheels
  • wheel bearings
  • lift cylinder packing
  • starter
  • differential rebuild
  • side shift carriage bearings and slide pads
  • LP gas regulator
  • LP gas lock-off
  • tilt cylinder packing
  • side-shift cylinder packing
  • ignition switch
  • brake drums
  • muffler and exhaust
  • seats
  • seat belts
  • steering linkage
  • hydraulic pump
  • drive axel
  • lights
  • back up alarm
  • parking brake
  • mirrors
  • strobe light
  • horn
  • steering cylinder packing
  • clutch
  • electronic modules
  • control valves
  • cooling system
  • carburetor
  • kingpins & bushings
  • steer knuckles
  • oil pump
  • crankshaft pulley
  • timing chain
  • cooling fan
  • fuel filter
  • air cleaner filter
  • LP tank and brackets
  • spark plugs
  • spark plug wires
  • distributor
  • coil
  • wheel seals
  • parking brake linkage
  • voltage regulator
  • instrument gauges and panel
  • head lights
  • tail lights
  • back up lights
  • carriage
  • electric drive motors