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Forklift Repair – Forklifts For Sale

Coupon forklift repair Pensacola FLNeed forklift repair in Pensacola Florida or the surrounding areas, including, East Pensacola, Goulding, West Pensacola, Brent, Myrtle Grove, Forklift Hunter is here to service all of your Forklift needs.

Call 850-436-7707 for a forklift repair specialist today!

Not only do we have a dependable repair service in Pensacola, but we also offer forklift maintenance for all types, such as, pneumatic, electric or cushion forklifts.

Forklift Hunter is your one stop solution for all of your forklift repair, forklifts for sale and services both Pensacola FL and Alabama with a brick and mortar storefront in Mobile/ Baldwin County AL. Forklift Hunter has a wide array of forklift products and forklift parts that you need for proper forklift repair. Let our experienced and skilled forklift specialists address and answer your issues.

forklift brands in Pensacola FLForklift Hunter offers a wide variety of forklift brands, such as Yale Forklift, Cat Forklift, Hyster Forklift, Linde Forklift, Namco Forklift, Toyota, Nissan, just to name a few. Our forklift specialists can guide you through a test drive or tutorial of any of the forklifts for sale in our inventory.

Forklift Hunter also offers a wide variety of forklift repair and a wide variety of forklift tires and other forklift parts. Whether it is pneumatic forklift tires, solid pneumatic forklift tires or cushion forklift tires, we have what you need. Our forklift experts can also advise you on what tires your forklift may need, based on tread design or smooth design and driving surfaces such as gravel, dirt or pavement.

forklift parts in Pensacola FLOur forklift specialists can also help enlighten you to what type of power your forklift will run off, including, diesel forklift, L.P. gas forklift, gasoline forklift or electric forklift, our staff can find the right power source depicting your forklift job type.

Be sure to come to us for all your forklift needs and questions Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:30pm. If you have questions, our forklift experts have answers. We can help with your comment, questions and concerns regarding the forklift mast, forklift tires, forklift fuel, forklift forks, forklift attachments and forklift batteries plus more. Do not wait, come see the pros at Forklift Hunter today!


Walkie Stackers & Pallet Lift Trucks (Class II)Walkie Stackers & Pallet Lift Trucks (Class II):

Mostly used for moving pallets and crates of smaller loads most commonly at ground level. Perfect for warehouses and shipping depots, more suitable for the indoors).


Electric Forklifts - Warehouse (Class II & III)Electric Forklifts – Warehouse (Class II & III):

Mostly used in small areas and very maneuverable, these stand-on (or) ride-on forklifts are capable of lifting small to medium loads. (Also known as order pickers, turret trucks and reach trucks).


Electric Forklifts - Counter Balance (Class I)Electric Forklifts – Counter Balance (Class I):

Mostly used to lift medium to large loads with a battery powered engine, making it less pollutant (more suitable for indoors) with lower operating costs.


Internal Combustion Engine Forklifts (Class IV & V) Internal Combustion Engine Forklifts (Class IV & V):

Most used outdoor forklift and built for lifting heavier loads, weather resistant, and runs off different types of fuel, including, liquid propane, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, and even compressed natural gases.


Industrial Forklifts - Big TrucksIndustrial Forklifts – Big Trucks:

Mostly used to lift extremely large heavy loads up to 48 tons such as shipping containers, large objects and heavy palette loads to a height that’s extremely high.