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Looking to buy a Forklift? Does your Forklift need a dependable service and repair checkup? Well, your worries are over, call Forklift Hunter today for for any type Forklift Service whether your looking to buy, sell or get repairs. We are a certified Forklift company servicing all of Alabama with a complete service department providing the very best in forklift repair and used Forklifts for sale. Browse our wide selection of forklifts for sale consisting of both new and used Forklifts. Forklift Hunter is your one stop shop for used forklifts for sale and Forklift Repair in Baldwin County AL, including the surrounding areas such as Mobile, Daphne, Fairhope, Loxley, Foley, Spanish Fort, along with many more.

Our hourly rates average $20 to $25 dollars cheaper than most dealers (No trip fees, surcharge fee or hazmat fee).


forklift repair in Baldwin County ALIf your an experienced Forklift owner, then browse our excellent selection Forklifts by type including, Pneumatic Forklifts, Electric Forklifts and Cushion Forklifts. And remember; don’t consider just any used forklift for sale. Make sure you are working with a trusted certified forklift specialist like Forklift Hunter. We stand by our service and back it up with experience.

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Our wide range of Manufactures, include brand name Forklifts such as Yale Forklifts, Cat Forklifts, Hyster Forklifts, Linde, Namco, Toyota, Nissan, Datsun and Komat su, just to name a few. However, if your looking for a certain Forklift or Forklift accessory and we do not have it in-house, then fill out forklift financing and we will find it for you.

Coupon forklift repair Baldwin County ALCome on down or give us a call for assistance in selecting the proper forklift for your business, let one of our forklift specialists, that are both certified forklift operators and mechanics, help you pick the right model and tire selection for the terrain at your businesses location, no matter whether it’s a warehouse, shipping yard or off road application. Not only do we offer help and assistance in buying a Forklift, but we also offer forklift equipment request form. Finance a Forklift and let us deliver it today.

Browse our Forklift Types Chart below to get an idea of what is available and what would best suit your forklifts environment regarding tires, fuel (or) electric, and size of the forklift considering the space in which it operates.

Walkie Stackers & Pallet Lift Trucks (Class II)Walkie Stackers & Pallet Lift Trucks (Class II):

Mostly used for moving pallets and crates of smaller loads most commonly at ground level. Perfect for warehouses and shipping depots, more suitable for the indoors).


Electric Forklifts - Warehouse (Class II & III)Electric Forklifts – Warehouse (Class II & III):

Mostly used in small areas and very maneuverable, these stand-on (or) ride-on forklifts are capable of lifting small to medium loads. (Also known as order pickers, turret trucks and reach trucks).


Electric Forklifts - Counter Balance (Class I)Electric Forklifts – Counter Balance (Class I):

Mostly used to lift medium to large loads with a battery powered engine, making it less pollutant (more suitable for indoors) with lower operating costs.


Internal Combustion Engine Forklifts (Class IV & V) Internal Combustion Engine Forklifts (Class IV & V):

Most used outdoor forklift and built for lifting heavier loads, weather resistant, and runs off different types of fuel, including, liquid propane, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, and even compressed natural gases.


Industrial Forklifts - Big TrucksIndustrial Forklifts – Big Trucks:

Mostly used to lift extremely large heavy loads up to 48 tons such as shipping containers, large objects and heavy palette loads to a height that’s extremely high.