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Forklift Parts

We carry a wide variety forklift parts for all types of forklifts, including many different brand names such as a Yale Forklift, Cat Forklift, Hyster Forklift, Linde Forklift, Namco forklift, Toyota, Nissan, Datsun and Komat’su Forklifts, just to name a few. If we don’t have your forklift part in-house, we can order it for you through our wholesale retailers. Give us a call today to find about more about service & repair for all of your forklift needs.

Our hourly rates average $20 to $25 dollars cheaper than most dealers (No trip fees, surcharge fee or hazmat fee).

Forklift Parts Diagram

Forklift Parts Diagram:

1.) Overhead Guard:

A metal roof supported by posts at each corner of the cab that helps protect the operator from any falling objects.

2.) Counterweight:

A mass attached to the rear of the forklift truck frame. The purpose of the counterweight is to counter balance the load being lifted.

3.) Engine/Battery Compartment:

May consist of an internal combustion engine that can be powered by LP, gas, CNG, gasoline, or diesel fuel. Electric forklifts are powered by either a battery or fuel cells that provide power to the electric motors.

4.) Cab:

The area that contains a seat for the operator along with the control pedals, steering wheel, levers, switches, and operator readouts.

5.) Steer Axle:

A central shaft that rotates a wheel or a gear.

6.) Drive Axle:

The piece of equipment which is elastically fastened to the framework of the vehicle with a lift mast. The lift mast affixes to the drive axle and can be inclined, by no less than one tilting cylinder, around the drive axle’s axial centerline.

7.) Carriage:

The components to which the forks or other attachments mount. Like the mast, the carriage may have either rollers or bushings to guide it in the interlocking mast rails.

8.) Forks:

Two cantilevered arms that carry the load. The Perfect Forklift Fork for sliding underneath plywood, drywall and even cardboard, including, ITA-standard forklift forks, Fully tapered forklift forks and Blank forklift forks without any type of suspension system.

9.) Load Backrest:

A rack-like extension that is either bolted or welded to the carriage in order to prevent the load from shifting backward when the carriage is lifted to full height.

10.) Lift/Tilt Cylinder:

Hydraulic cylinders that are mounted to the truck frame and mast. The tilt cylinders pivot the mast backward or forward to assist in engaging a load.

11.) Mast:

The vertical assembly that does the work of raising and lowering the load. The mast is driven hydraulically, and operated by one or more hydraulic cylinders directly or using chains from the cylinder or cylinders.

Forklift Parts – Service & Repair:

  • brake master cylinder
  • break wheel cylinder
  • brake shoes
  • battery replacement
  • alternator
  • water pump
  • engine rebuild
  • head gasket
  • valve cover gasket
  • battery cables
  • preventative maintenance
  • oil change; radiator hoses
  • radiator cleaning
  • hydraulic hose replacement
  • engine main seals
  • mast bearings shim and replacement
  • 24 volt,36 volt, 48 volt industrial battery replacement
  • transmission adjustment and rebuild
  • tires
  • wheels
  • wheel bearings
  • lift cylinder packing
  • starter
  • differential rebuild
  • side shift carriage bearings and slide pads
  • LP gas regulator
  • LP gas lock-off
  • tilt cylinder packing
  • side-shift cylinder packing
  • ignition switch
  • brake drums
  • muffler and exhaust
  • seats
  • seat belts
  • steering linkage
  • hydraulic pump
  • drive axel
  • lights
  • back up alarm
  • parking brake
  • mirrors
  • strobe light
  • horn
  • steering cylinder packing
  • clutch
  • electronic modules
  • control valves
  • cooling system
  • carburetor
  • kingpins & bushings
  • steer knuckles
  • oil pump
  • crankshaft pulley
  • timing chain
  • cooling fan
  • fuel filter
  • air cleaner filter
  • LP tank and brackets
  • spark plugs
  • spark plug wires
  • distributor
  • coil
  • wheel seals
  • parking brake linkage
  • voltage regulator
  • instrument gauges and panel
  • head lights
  • tail lights
  • back up lights
  • carriage
  • electric drive motors